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Being a friend of the project is making a choice to directly help those, who have through their daily lives and actions, in some way, helped you in ways you may not even realize.


Our Veterans, First Responders and Medical Care Givers spend their precious, vital, life energy protecting us, supporting us and sometimes even saving our lives Dr. Zimmerman says they are like the Immune System of our Society working tirelessly to protect us. 

The fact that you are here reading this now, is your invitation to take action and become a friend of this transformational project extending Health, Hope and Harmony to help those who have helped us all.




Why that is an easy question to answer.

A Friend will help us by:

  1. Supporting Our Fundraising Efforts by:

    • Follow us on social media and spread our crowdfunding campaigns to support the project or specific events.

    • Joining us for our Fundraising events, such as charity dinners, auctions, or sports tournaments​

    • We do also support Veteran authors who have written books

      • books are related to veteran issues.   

      • This is our only directed fundraising as this for this is to support specific:

        • Authors connected to the project. ​

        • The fundraising effort includes a book sent to you up on publication.

      • please follow the link to the right to see our offerings in this area.

  2. Sponsoring a program, if you have the agency to help then please: 

    •  Sponsor a Single Harmonetiks Foundation class for 20 People!

      • MAKE A DONATION OF $500.00

    • Sponsor a single Veteran for a full 6-week - Tuning the Body Harmonetiks Experience.

      • MAKE A DONATION OF $300.​00

    • Sponsor a full 6-week Tuning the Body experience for 10 veterans.

      • MAKE A DONATION OF $3,000.00

    • Sponsor a single veteran to become an Experience Guide of the Program. 

      • Invest in them and give them the skills to help themselves while helping others. 

      • 18 Full weeks of training ​Plus the full certification training program. 

      • MAKE A DONATION OF $1500​.00

    • Sponsor a full training program for 10 Veterans. ​​​

      • help us spread this around the country. ​

      • make a donation of $15,000​.00

  3. Spreading the Word:

    • Share information about The Harmonetiks Project and its mission on social media.

    • Tell friends, family, and colleagues about the program and its benefits for veterans and others suffering from trauma.

  4. Volunteering Your Time:

    • Offer to help with events, such as setting up, checking in participants, or providing general support during sessions.

    • Provide administrative or logistical support to the project team remotely.

  5. Providing Feedback:

    • Offer insights or testimonials on how Harmonetiks has impacted your life or the lives of those around you.

    • Participate in surveys or research initiatives to help measure and improve the program’s effectiveness.

  6. Offering Technical Skills:

    • If you have specific technical skills, offer services such as website maintenance, graphic design, or data management to assist the project’s infrastructure and the many more skills that are needed to run a program like this.

Thanks for considering
joining us
as a Friend 

It is obvious you see the Purpose and Vision of the project and want to be part of the solution? 

Discover how you can join the project?

Tai Chi

As a friend of Harmonetiks, you'll support a vital mission: helping veterans heal and positively influence society. Together, we can transform lives, fostering strength and understanding.

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Step into a role that transcends being a Friend; become an Ambassador with the Harmonetiks Project. Become a champion in a movement dedicated to enhancing well-being, resilience, and holistic health across the veteran community and beyond. 

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Embrace a path of profound transformation and service by becoming a Veteran Guide in the Easy Breath Program of the Harmonetiks Project. This unique opportunity allows you to harness the power of your experiences, turning them into a source of strength and healing for both yourself and others. 

Join the Project as a Friend! 

Keep up with The Harmonetiks Project's progress, what we are doing, and how to help.

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Donate to The Harmonetiks Project

Established in 2023 as a 501C3 nonprofit organization,
The Harmonetiks Project endeavors to be a beacon of hope and healing for veterans grappling with physical and mental health challenges.

EIN #: 93-1865889

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