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Hello, and thank you for being the one and joining us for the 6-week Harmonetiks program - The Easy

Breath. Please know that you are embarking on a journey of discovery. And that we are happy to be here

as your Guide in this discovery process.

Class times below in the links are all Pacific Standard Time (PST) so please see the list below to transpose the times available to your time zone. Please know that if you can’t make any one class time you can join one

of the others instead. At this point we have not filled the classes so please feel free to share these links

to those who you know may be interested.

We hope that you will participate in all six classes and in our validation survey. So that we can validate

the program. This information gathered will be used toward getting a research grant for further analysis

and validation of the results. To do that please use this google form link to get and fill out the survey. We

want to do this before and after each class if possible so we can document both class effect and overall

effect over 6 weeks. We appreciate your help with this important step.

Also, we will be sharing a link to a google drive folder with a video of the specific class. We do this so that

you can refer to it during the week, to help with personal practice.

We would like it if you could set yourself up so that we can see your full body during the call. This will

allow us to see and make corrections if needed.

Please note that we do encourage everyone to stand the full time of the class. However, you should feel

free to have a chair available to rest. Also, if you’re challenged standing or if, while doing the class, there

is any pain you are encouraged to sit and continue, and we will go over that during the class as well.

We hope to see you soon,

Jay Van Schelt

Executive director of The Harmonetiks Project

All classes have been concluded. 

If you'd like to join our next cohort, reach out to Jay at

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