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One of the Goals of the Harmonetiks project is to bring another level of opportunity to Veterans. This perspective stems from Dr Zimmermans Vision that if we all pull together in harmony, we can accomplish anything.

I have personally seen him reach into his pocket and pull out 50 dollars. That he gave to a vet he had just met for the first time. Moved as he was upon hearing his story about how he, a former homeless vet, spends his life force daily, sharing the vital information needed for vets transitioning from service, just to work to help them not experience that themselves.  

Our purpose here is to leverage the attention we generate to help in as many ways as we can, and we are thrilled to have the offerings on this page for you to review. 

We want to support those authors that have completed a book but need financial help in getting the book finally published. Once published, copies of the book will be sent to those that have donated the specific amount as a gift from the project for the donation. 

Please note that each donation to the project is considered non-directed donation.

Veteran Mission Possible 
By John Kirbow
Veteran of both
Iraq and Afghanistan

You can support John in his quest to share the information that he has put into this book, which reflects the path he took after leaving the service. It was this journey that became the title of his first chapter:

 After the Warzone: Loss (and Rediscovery) of Mission, of Meaning, of Purpose

read the chapter by clicking the link below: 

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Tai Chi

As a friend of Harmonetiks, you'll support a vital mission: helping veterans heal and positively influence society. Together, we can transform lives, fostering strength and understanding.

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Step into a role that transcends being a Friend; become an Ambassador with the Harmonetiks Project. Become a champion in a movement dedicated to enhancing well-being, resilience, and holistic health across the veteran community and beyond. 

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Embrace a path of profound transformation and service by becoming a Veteran Guide in the Easy Breath Program of the Harmonetiks Project. This unique opportunity allows you to harness the power of your experiences, turning them into a source of strength and healing for both yourself and others. 

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Established in 2023 as a 501C3 nonprofit organization,
The Harmonetiks Project endeavors to be a beacon of hope and healing for veterans grappling with physical and mental health challenges.

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