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What people are saying about Harmonetiks 

Straight From the Source

Below are interviews and Comments from those who have taken the Harmonetiks Experience program for themselves.

Dave Robertson - Florida

Part 2 of an interview with Dave Roberston a 25-year army veteran, retired.

What benefits do you see veterans getting from using the  harmonetiks 2.0 program?

Robert Caffrey, JD, LPC
Maj. USAR Ret.

 Military awards

the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Combat Action Badge,

and the Army Commendation Medal with One Oak Leaf Cluster

Bob Caffrey head shot.png

"I served  14 years in the U.S. Army Reserve, with deployments in Haiti, Bosnia, and the tumultuous streets of Baghdad, I've been awarded commendations like the Bronze Star, but also came away from my service carrying the heavy weight of PTSD, as well as developing other neurological disease challenges years after my deployment.

Harmonetiks 2.0 has become a beacon in my life. Through its easy to learn sessions, I've learned I have control over my mind and body. The techniques taught me to regulate my breath, my thoughts, and the physical levels of tensions. Giving me more agency and resourcefulness in my ability to respond to highly charged situations. Especially when dealing with family, relatives, and friends.

It's more than just and exercise; it's a holistic integration of my past and present, offering me a clarity I hadn't experienced in years. With Harmonetiks, I found a path to true healing."

Mike Gilmet

4 years Coast Guard

As being a Veteran and being the son of a Veteran I have seen the effects of PTSD first-hand.

From my first experience of the Easy Breath practice of Harmonetiks 2.0, I knew I had found something different. 

As a yoga and Reiki Practitioner I am familiar with how the energy of the body flows and how the body feels when relaxed and in the preset moment. Normally it takes me 10 -20 minutes to achieve this state of wellbeing. 

With the Easy Breath of harmonetiks I found that I achieved that state almost instantly once I was shown the sequence of breath attention and alignment of Harmonetiks and I find now that I start all of my other practices with this simple and effective practice to "Prime the Pump and make things easier".

R. Brennan

I first learned harmonetiks in March of 2023. At the ripe age of 68 years old and as a life-long Tai Chi player and practitioner of yoga and meditation, I find that this practice allows me to "find the Gound under my feet super easily". The kinetic chain practice that culminates the initial 6-week run thru the course material blew me away. This way of finding the path of connection from the ground to thru the body has transformed my yoga and tai chi practice allowing me to develop more mobility than I have ever had before.  

K Porter

Harmonetiks has changed my life!

In 2012 I injured my back in a work accident. I spent the next decade in pain. Over the next few years, I had to undergo 2 surgeries for that injury. I was prescribed at first Opioids for the pain, as we all know these are very addictive and can create even more issues from long term use, so I had been looking for a solution for a long time. I had tried all kinds of pain relief treatments from nerve oblation, to the trying of medical marijuana. Still no relief.

I first met Dr Zimmerman in February of 2023 when he started to treat me with acupuncture and his Harmonetiks 1.0 treatment. This treatment relieved my pain for days. What relief but it kept coming back. 

Dr Jeff had taught me how to use his harmonetiks 2.0 self-care method and prescribed for me to do this practice in the morning for 9 breaths or until I found that I was feeling my best self. He also said that I should stop once and hour and take 3 easy breaths or until I found myself calm and relaxed. However, each time I saw him, while I got relief for a few days the pain always came back. I asked him about that, and he asked are you doing the harmonetiks practice I showed you and prescribed for you to do?  

I had to answer no.

He smiled and said why don't you try doing it for a week and see what happens and we will talk on your next visit. 

I did as he suggested and since then my pain has consistently gone down and my feeling of having enough energy for my grandchildren and assisting my aging mother. 

Thank you, Dr Jeff, and Harmonetiks

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