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Meet Jay

Jay is the Executive director and the lead instructor of the Harmonetiks Project. He brings his Purpose and Vision to the team, by developing and implementing an exponential approach of how we can help veterans around the US and the world.

His Massive Transformative Purpose is to change the trajectory of the Veterans Suicide crisis. 

his vision is simple:

"Give me a squad of veterans who want to learn how to help other veterans in a city and we can help to transform the lives of those veterans in that city with Harmonetiks."to speak to Jay please reach out to him directly below.

About Jay

Jay Van Schelt

Integrating Mind, Body, and Healing Arts


With over three decades of experience in teaching and holistic health, Jay Van Schelt stands at the forefront of integrating traditional martial arts and modern mind-body wellness practices. His journey began 34 years ago with teaching martial arts in Northern Connecticut, where he deeply understood the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and emotional well-being.


Jay's path took a transformative turn when chronic pain led him to explore and eventually establish The InnerChi Mind/Body Institute. Here, he developed the "Intentional 5 Element Living" program, harmonizing cutting-edge scientific research in mind/body medicine with oriental healing arts. This program has been instrumental in helping individuals overcome chronic pain and stress, fostering a life filled with joy and wellness.

His collaboration with Dr. Zimmerman, particularly post his cancer challenge in 2004, has been pivotal in evolving the Harmonetiks method. Together, they've incorporated these principles into stress and pain management programs, greatly benefiting those suffering from chronic conditions.


A notable chapter in Jay’s career includes his work with Dr. Paul Lam on the Tai Chi for Arthritis program, significantly contributing to its national expansion in the US and certifying over 6,000 instructors.


Jay's diverse experience extends to his tenure in the corporate world, where working for The Music People an Exertis/Jam Company he applied his expertise in mind-body wellness to develop programs focused on creating effective, resilient and highly collaborative teams.


Now, dedicating his energies entirely to the Harmonetiks Project, Jay brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a deep passion for healing and teaching. His commitment is to spread the profound benefits of the Harmonetiks 2.0 Easy Breath method, empowering individuals to achieve balanced and fulfilling lives.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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