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Our History

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Bud's & Beyond Created 1992 

1992 - 2017

Candidate Development Training (CDT)

was created in 1992 by Alan Sharkany, in order to create an intensive training platform for young people readying themselves for Tier 1 military programs that would safely prepare them for the rigours of the process. CDT was founded by Alan Sharkany as a response to seeing how dangerously ill prepared so many young people were for selection process such as the Navy Seals bootcamp. For 25 years, this volunteer program was a well kept secret. Due to the nature of the training, to help men and women become military special operations candidates, including Navy Seals, Green Berets, EOD's, First Responders etc.. Candidates heard about this program through "word of mouth."

Presidential Award

The outcome of this program has proven to be very supportive of candidates’ ability to attain important military positions. In fact, Alan Sharkany was awarded the President's Volunteer Service award for Lifetime Achievement for his more than 25 years of service directed towards helping young men and women obtain their military centered career aspirations through a rigorous non-profit program he runs called BUD/S and Beyond (the former name of CDT).

Alan Receives Presidential Award

Presidential Award.png

Alan Retires from CDT

Alan Retires

Alan, having retired as chief instructor is now taking CDT on to a greater mission, desiring to increase its' impact. Partnering with Dr. Jeffrey C. Zimmerman, and The Harmonetiks Project  The Harmonetiks Project is how that mission shall be accomplished.

The Harmonetiks Project

Candidate Development Training, a 501c3, is sponsoring a complete eight-week Harmonetiks course for Veterans and First responders, teachers, their families and caregivers to learn how to help them thrive in life.


Candidate Development Training, formerly BUD/s and Beyond has trained and inspired future service members for more than 25 years. After the 25th year of service, in 2018, Candidate Development Training,, a non-profit was created to help support the program. In 2017,Alan Sharkany, a former Marine, Founder of BUD/s and Beyond, was presented with the President's Volunteer Service Award for his own service. For decades, Alan Sharkany Jr. has channeled the same drive and strength that inspired him to join the Marines into helping others prepare themselves to serve their country. 30 years later, many of these candidates and other people who volunteered to serve our country, are Veterans, First Responders and Teachers dealing with the stress of service including PTSD, anxiety, fear and anger.


Candidate Development Training is turning the page to start a new chapter by sponsoring

"The Harmonetiks Project."

CDT transitions to
The Harmonetiks Project

Harmonetiks Techniques to Help Alan Fundraise for Marines.

Generate Excitement

CDT Training, a 501c3, is sponsoring The Harmonetiks Project with Harmonetiks LLC, for Veterans, First Responders. Teachers, their families  and caregivers. They will receive free education and classes for your tax deductible donation. We greatly appreciate your generosity! 

Veteran Mission Possible

We are proud to be a Solution Provider to help Veteran Mission Possible

A Collaborative Veteran Advocacy Campaign to:

  • Reduce Veteran Suicide

  • End Veteran Medical Debt

  • A Veteran and Civilian Effort to Right The Wrongs experienced by the nation’s finest.

Learn more at:

Veteran Mission Possible

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