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Message from Founder Jeffrey C. Zimmerman
Director of Community Outreach

Dear Friends,

​Launched in 2020, The Harmonetiks Project’s mission is to equip educators, clinicians and individuals with the tools to reduce acute anxiety, strengthen inner resolve and increase overall physical and mental wellness by interrupting the “fight, flight and freeze” response brought on by traumatic experiences. 

There are many methods for addressing this problem and we have a deep respect for those practitioners who support countless individuals as they fight the battle for mental/physical health. The Harmonetiks Project & our fiscal sponsor Candidate Development Training, a 501c3, are committed to offering enhanced/practical techniques that can work in tandem with medical interventions or can act as a “life- line” when western medicines and therapies aren’t enough. 

The Harmonetiks Project addresses the constraints of clinical settings and work schedules through bite size sessions that can be followed individually or in groups and provide at home practices for daily self-care. Our training sessions bring highly accessible cutting-edge body-mind regulation techniques to communities with high incidences of PTSD. In addition to the ease of delivery, this program is also highly applicable to all ages, physical abilities and handicaps. 

This innovative program has the ability to support the needs of a wide range of individuals suffering from trauma and PTSD. Our vision is that in addition to offering this system to veterans, first responders and teachers, our project will soon include individuals found within prison re-entry initiatives, housing programs, domestic violence centers and refugee support programs.

​If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like to share this information with friends, family and colleagues.​ Please feel free to contact us

With Gratitude

Jeffrey C. Zimmerman

Director of Community Outreach / The Harmonetiks Project

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