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Our Outlook

The Harmonetiks Project is proud to announce that we have transition into a Authorized 501C3 non-profit organization. Dr. Jeffrey for many years has been focused founding this not-for-profit organization with a mission grounded in five fundamental principles:


Establishing a solid & effective programs that help Veterans, First Responders as well as Medical and educational caregivers.


Developing meaningful relationships with people and organizations, who can be trained to share these simple techniques.


Guided by purpose and vision, we will know what to embrace or discard as we plan.



Executing the plan. Dr Jeff says, this is the easy part if you have a good plan. 



Striving for optimal outcome. While keeping an eye on the purpose of all the activity.

Boot Camp

Our History

Dr. Jeff's motivation stemmed from the realization that many individuals struggled to navigate their physical and physiological reactions. People, overwhelmed by stress and modern life, sought his aid. Concurrently, emerging neurobiology and trauma research highlighted the disarrayed nervous system's role in various issues.

Driven by this crisis, Dr. Jeff ardently pursued solutions culminating with Harmonetiks 2.0—a fusion of timeless wisdom and modern science. 

Externally it may appear akin to practices like Qi Gong and yoga. But at its core, Harmonetiks 2.0 employs a "combination type unlocking approach” to harmonize the autonomic nervous system, yielding swifter, more effective responses over time, akin to strengthening a muscle or memorizing a code.

At its essence, Harmonetiks 2.0 weaves ancient wisdom with neurobiology and trauma insights, yielding an accessible yet intricate practice promoting holistic equilibrium of mind and body.

Beyond technique, Harmonetiks 2.0 unlocks human self-healing potential. It empowers individuals to embrace their innate recovery abilities, unveiling layers of self-healing over time.

As you explore Harmonetiks 2.0, you'll uncover its multidimensional benefits. This modality isn't just a choice—it's a testament to self-directed healing. Discover your own personalized "Minimum Effective Dose" and transcend conventional limits in a harmonious body/mind dialogue.

Our Program

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